Charting a course

Preparations are underway for a month long road trip (and hopefully explosion of multi-media content). The current top choice for route goes down the pacific coast, then east to Key West, then winds back to through the mid-west. The multi-media content explosion will include interviews, hopefully with some of you about what faith means to you, the fears you’ve managed to face, and the fears you haven’t managed to face. Fill out the contact form on the home page to let me know if you have a story you want to tell.

The Marshmallow in me wants to trade in my car and get yellow Nissan Xterra for the trip but, you know, pros and cons. My current car is a Toyota Prius C and I love it. In some senses it’s a perfect car for a cross country road trip. For instance, it gets amazing gas mileage (52 mpg), in that way the only thing better would be a Tesla which I definitely can’t afford. Trading in the Toyota for a yellow Xterra would give me space to carry camping gear though and, while I’d love to stay in hotels at every stop (hello Holiday Inn Express pancake machine), camping would save some money.

If anyone has any advise on vehicle choices, or lodging choices, or cities I should stop in, or anything at all, don’t hesitate to comment or tweet at me (@faithvsfear).

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