Gratitude has long been a component of numerous religious practices and expressing gratitude has been a growing theme on social media as well (with 365 days of gratitude, and #gratituesday, etc.).  Timber Hawkeye, of Buddhist Boot Camp often brings a gratitude wall to his speaking engagements and people put up all the things they are grateful for on the wall. Expressing gratitude is a type of prayer and another type, also present in many religious practices, is asking for what you need or want in your life.

My own practice is to write down the things I want and the things I’m grateful for on pieces of origami paper and fold them into paper cranes and put them into what I call my please and thank you box. Also, sometimes I just fold the cranes as a sort of meditative act.


If it is true that “with our thoughts we make the world” this practice or prayer, or meditation, or expressing gratitude, or focusing on positives, or whatever you want to call it, helps us to build a better world for ourselves.

Make yourself a gratitude wall, or a please and thank you box, or find your own way of asking for what you want and expressing gratitude for what you have.

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